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Take advantage of EURAXESS and find your job in research. EURAXESS lists thousands of vacancies and fellowships from more than 40 European countries and other regions in the world.

Find talented and experienced staff at the click of a button. EURAXESS lists thousands of European and global vacancies and fellowships.






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You can find a wealth of information on research funding throughout Europe: from individual grants to supporting start-ups.

Alternatively, you might be a grant beneficiary and need a host organisation.






Funding opportunities for researchers & enterpreneurs

EURAXESS offers you a wealth of information on and links to funding opportunities at European and national level. Whether you are starting your research career and need to find funding, or you are setting up an innovative company and need seed capital, EURAXESS is the place that can fulfil your needs.





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Funding opportunities for research organisations & universities

EURAXESS provides you with a wealth of information on thousands of grants and funding opportunities. Dedicated to the International research community, we publish national as well as European opportunities for researchers at all levels.

The European way to find funding for you research project, no matter how small or big it is.





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Want to discover what Europe is offering to fund your research? Discover Horizon 2020 and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)!





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You probably spend a lot of time looking for funding. Alternatively you might already be a grant beneficiary and need a host organisation. In that case you can start your search here.





Create a better, more attractive research working environment!

Rights and obligations, a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, a pan-European pension plan: all of these for a better, more attractive research working environment !



for researchers

Research working environment

As a researcher working in Europe, both you and your employer have rights and obligations. The European Commission has several initiatives in place to make research careers in Europe more attractive: discover them and let your colleagues and friends know about them!





for organisations

Research working environment

Did you know that both you and your employees have rights and obligations as outlined in the Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers? Find out more about the HR Award.

You can now offer your employees a pan-European pension plan, even if they move countries. Find out how your research organisation can join the tailor-made single European pension arrangement: RESAVER.







Create your path to success!

Career development is all about proactively planning and implementing action steps towards your career goals.

EURAXESS supports you through the process, with the help of its career development centres, useful information, training resources and many more to come!



EURAXESS Career Development Centres

EURAXESS Career Development Centres

EURAXESS provides a free service that research institutions can make use of for researchers, with dedicated staff providing advice on career development opportunities.

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Training for Researchers

EURAXESS Training Resources

Find training resources

Training for researchers is an opportunity for professional development and for improving their employability through access to measures for the continuing development of skills and competencies.

Such measures should be regularly assessed for their accessibility, takeup and effectiveness in improving competencies, skills and employability.

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Training for Researcher skills

Improve your researcher skills

Initial training of researchers will improve their research skills and help them join established research teams. In parallel, complementary training will enhance their career prospects in both public and private sectors.


Training resources coming soon!



Innovative Doctoral Training Principles

EURAXESS Innovative Doctoral Training Principles

Employers training principles for doctoral researchers

Researchers always need new skills to meet the demands of a shifting global job market. Make sure you know about the seven principles for innovative doctoral training, which employers are encouraged to implement to ensure their researchers are well trained.