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EURAXESS Members in Focus: Spain

Opportunities for ASEAN-based researchers


The "Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence" programme for independent research centres and the "Maria de Maeztu Units of Excellence" programme for smaller unit recognizes institutions from all areas of knowledge that perform cutting-edge research at global standards. The awarded centers and units show outstanding international scientific leadership and are open to international collaborations. The evaluation committees involved in the selection process are all foreign highly reputed researchers, including Nobel laureates.

Spain boasts a number of so-called "Unique Scientific and technological infrastructures infrastructures (ICTS)" composed by facilities of different scientific areas ranging from the life sciences to astrophysics or engineering, distributed throughout the Spanish territory and areas and devoted to cutting edge and the highest quality research and technological development.




Spain hosts more than 300 European Research Council (ERC) grants in more than 50 Host Institutions and is also very attractive for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) fellows. At present, through 2014 and 2015 MSCA calls, more than 220 experienced researchers are carrying out their research in Spanish Institutions, which ranks Spain among the 4 top EU countries hosting MSCA and ETRC grant recipients.



Recipients: National and foreign post-doctoral researchers with an outstanding research career.

Description: The 5 year duration grants cofund the recruitment of doctors at public and private research centres. The aim is to promote the incorporation of national and foreign researchers with outstanding careers as well as their stabilisation in Spain. "Ramón y Cajal" contracts have incorporated three types of funding: (1) grants for recruitment; (2) grants for covering expenses directly related to the performing of its research activities and (3) grants for subsequent incorporation in a permanent post at the end of the maximum five-year period established. The grants, in the amount of €33,720 per year, are allocated to cofunding the salary and employer's contributions to Social Security. Entities will receive an additional allocation of €40,000 per researcher recruited to cover research expenses. Lastly, institutions which at the end of the "Ramón y Cajal" contract period incorporate the beneficiaries on a permanent basis will receive a grant totalling €100,000

Contact: Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (ramonycajal@mineco.es)


Recipients: National and foreign post-doctoral researchers

Description: The 2 year grant addresses young PhDs who have completed their post-doctoral education and meet the scientific criteria requested and have proven scientific leadership. The grants, in the amount of €29,000 per year, are allocated to cofunding the salary and employer's contributions to Social Security. Entities will receive an additional allocation of €6,000 per researcher recruited to cover research expenses.

Contact: Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (cierva.formacion@mineco.es)


Recipients Foreign and national early stage researchers who wish to get post-doctoral training in a university or research centre different to the one where their PhD was obtained.

Description The grants, in the amount of €25,000 per year, are allocated to cofunding the salary and employer's contributions to Social Security.

Contact:  Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (cierva.formacion@mineco.es)


Recipients: These grants cofund the contracts of national and foreign pre-doctoral researchers that aim to develop their PhD in the industry.

Description: The companies beneficiaries of this grant need to co-fund the contract of the pre-doctoral researcher.  The maximum amount of the grants, which will be allocated to cofunding salaries and Social Security contributions will be 21.800 €. The grant includes 2,400€/researcher aimed at stays in other institutions, together with 1.500 € to fund the expenses of the doctorate programmes.

Contact:  Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (predoctoral@mineco.es)



Recipients: National and foreign Bachelors admitted or enrolled in a doctorate programme at the moment of signing the grant.

Description: Grants devoted to the training of pre-docs in universities, research centres, etc., in any discipline. The grants, in the amount of €20,600 per year, are allocated to cofund the salary and employer's contributions to Social Security.

Contact: Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (predoctoral@mineco.es )



Recipients: Bachelors aiming at getting their PhD and admitted or enrolled in a doctoral programme during 2015 or enrolled in a programme that allows them to access a doctoral programme in 2016.

Description: The grant aims at fostering the training of pre-docs in high quality doctorate programmes. The maximum amount of the grants, which will be allocated to cofund salaries and Social Security contributions will be €17.768,16  for the two first years of the grant and € 20.333,76 for year 3 and 4.  Contact: Subdirectorate General of Training and Mobility of Professors and Teaching Innovation. (solicitantes.fpu@mecd.es)



Recipients Doctors who wish to be employed by companies that perform R&D&I to develop experimental and innovation research projects.

Description: Grants for permanent contracts for doctors in the private sector. The amount of the grants will be determined in accordance with the eligible budget and the type of project and company. However, the annual eligible budget will only cover gross annual remuneration equal to or over €18,000, and may not exceed €55,000. The grants must cofund the salary and the employer's contribution to Social Security for the researchers recruited.

Contact Subdirectorate General of Human Resources for Research (torresquevedo@mineco.es)



Recipients: The Basque Science Foundation (IKERBASQUE) holds annual calls for applications to attract high level researchers to research institutions in the Basque Country.

Description: Ikerbasque offers two types of grants: i) Research fellows grants: contract positions for postdoctoral researchers, within any of the Basque Research Institution. These Fellowships are intended to offer young promising researchers a track towards a PI role and independent research ii) Research professors contracts: it offers permanent contracts for experienced researchers in any Basque Research institution. Only high level researchers with a solid track record in research and international research experience will be considered.

Contact: http://www.ikerbasque.net/



Recipients: ICREA, through a selection process based on scientific talent, recruits researchers from all over the world.

Description: ICREA holds different calls: ICREA Senior Call: The selected researchers are given a permanent position, ICREA Research Professorship (equivalent to tenure) and become ICREA employees. ICREA researchers go through an evaluation process (promotion) at regular intervals throughout their entire career

Contact: https://www.icrea.cat/Web/SectionViewer.aspx?section=260


Recipients: The call for applications is open to researchers of any nationality that fit the requirements of academic and research background. It aims at recruiting outstanding candidates with excellent research record and leadership capabilities. 

Description: The positions may be developed at Public/Private Research Centres and Companies in the region of Aragon. It is generally expected that the successful candidates will become permanent staff of ARAID. The scientific performance of researchers is periodically subjected to external evaluation. ARAID will assist foreign researchers with their visa and work permit procedures.

Contact: http://www.araid.es/en/content/international-call-recruitment-researchers-2015



Recipients: The Innovation Agency of Galicia (GAIN) intends to reinforce the recruitment of first class researchers in the region.

Description: It offers to ERC Grant holders a permanent contract with the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), subject to evaluations every 5 years by an external committee. It also provides specific support for young scientists with potential for obtain the prestigious ERC Grants.

Contact: http://gain.xunta.es/artigos/456/oportunius  (xestion.gain@xunta.es)



Recipients: The Science and Technology Agency of the Region of Murcia (FUNDACIÓN SÉNECA) holds annual calls for applications to attract junior and senior researchers to research institutions in the Region of Murcia.

Description: Research internships will be funded for researchers with proven experience associated with prestigious external research centres. Séneca holds two different calls: a) Senior researcher: researchers with a doctoral degree for at least ten years and b) Junior researcher: researchers with a doctoral degree for at least five years.

Contact: https://www.fseneca.es/




Recipients: Predoctoral scholarships in Spanish universities and research centres

Description: The aim of the programme is to support the mobility of 20 young researchers and to support their incorporation in the best research groups in Spain. Also, these scholarships aim at training researchers with the necessary skills to widen their opportunities to develop a researcher career in academia, industry and entrepreneurship. They are a 3 year scholarship (with possibility of extension)

The total amount of the grant will be 115.500 euros distributed in 3 years and with a 7500 euro award if the thesis is defended within the 6 months after the grant is over.

Contact: http://obrasocial.lacaixa.es/ambitos/becas/presentacion_es.html


Important Information for Incoming Researchers 

Spain belongs to the EURAXESS initiative that provides support to researchers and their families when arriving to the country (in key issues such as visas, housing, schooling, etc.). The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) is the national coordinator and the Spanish network and there are almost 100 services and local centres ready to support incoming researchers. All the information can be found at www.euraxess.es/eng

Every two years, FECYT publishes comprehensive and up-to-date information on the labour market situation, everyday life, and the specific characteristics of living and working in Spain, as well as the procedures necessary to settle in the country:  http://www.euraxess.es/eng/services/foreign-researchers-in-spain


The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology - CDTI -, Spain's National Innovation Agency, is a public entity currently under the Secretariat of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Government of Spain. 

CDTI is charged to promote business RDI, raise Spanish companies' technological level by funding their R&D projects, both at national and international level.  CDTI is the public agency in Spain financing industry-driven R&D projects (industrial research, experimental development) developed by Spanish companies, and promoting Spanish technologies in foreign markets via innovation and technology adaptation projects.

Based on the paradigm of open innovation, CDTI manages the participation of SPAIN at HORIZON 2020 and multilateral programmes promoting Industrial R&D cooperation such as EUREKA, IBEROEKA and EUROSTARS. Similarly and, CDTI has entered into agreements with several R&D funding agencies in Asia and developed Industrial R&D funding programmes with countries like Japan (NEDO), China (TORCH), and India (DST-GITA, DBT, MNRE, TDB) aimed at promoting and financing industry-driven and market-oriented R&D projects/collaborations between entities from Spain and from the respective countries. Also with third countries like Algeria, Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, UAE, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan manages the program for international projects with certification unilateral for funding R&D industrial projects.

R&D funding programs information:


CDTI External network: present in 27 countries offers support to those Spanish entities which are interested in developing technological cooperation projects with companies in other countries, facilitates the identification of technological opportunities outside the EU and promotes technology transfer: www.cdti.es/index.asp?MP=8&MS=155&MN=2