Interview with Gerardo Cebrian, a European researcher in Brazil who found a new career opportunity on the EURAXESS Jobs portal

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How did you come to Brazil? With which initiative or funding?

I came to São Paulo in August 2012 with a postdoctoral scholarship from FAPESP to work at the Fundamendal Chemistry department of USP. In 2015 I moved to Rio de Janeiro and now have a postdoctoral grant from CNPq to work in the Inorganic Chemistry Department of UFF.

You are going back to Europe. How did you find a new position?

I was offered a contract at the University of Nîmes (France), as a temporary lecturer and research assistant which I found on the EURAXESS Jobs website. That’s why I'm leaving Brazil.

At the University of Nîmes I'll have the opportunity to work on a different line of research and my teaching responsibilities will be greater than to date. Furthermore, this will be a new international experience for me which will increase my skills and hopefully help me succeed in applying for further grants/calls both in Brazil and abroad. This particular funding comes from the French Ministry of higher education and research as it a vacancy at the University of Nîmes. I will be working at the Max Mousseron Biomolecule Institute, in the Bioorganic Chemistry Lab.

How was your experience in Brazil and what has it taught you?

My professional experience in Brazil was fantastic !! During the last four years I worked in three different laboratories, with totally different lines of research and therefore learned a lot over that time. I also had the opportunity to train and work as a lecturer and acquired even more experience giving lectures. On the personal side it was even better: I love Brazil, made many friends and met my future wife!


Gerardo Cebrián Torrejón studied Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the Universities of Valencia and Leeds and obtained his PhD at the University of Paris 11 (funded by Marie Sklodowska Curie actions). After that, he pursued his research career throughout four different postdoctoral stages at the Universities of Valencia (Spain), Sao Paulo (USP) and the Federal Fluminense University (UFF) (Brazil). He is currently working as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Nîmes (France). His research interests focus on natural products, (in particular phytochemistry), medicinal chemistry and more recently chemical ecology.