Denmark: New Centers of Excellence - Call for Proposals (Danish National Research Foundation)

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The Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) hereby invites researchers to submit outline proposals for new Centers of Excellence (CoE) which may start operating by September 1st , 2017.

The foundation welcomes outstanding research of a high international caliber that may be described as ambitious, highly creative, original, scientifically daring, and potentially groundbreaking. Centers can be established within and/or across all scientific areas: Humanities, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Technical Sciences.  

Assessment criteria

Excellence in conducting outstanding research is the main criterion when assessing applications for new centers. The foundation will especially emphasize the following dimensions:

 The research idea is ambitious and original and has the potential for significant scientific breakthroughs in the relevant research field(s).

 The proposed center leader has a high standing in the international scientific community as well as managerial skills.

 The center includes high-quality personnel in order to establish a creative and dynamic international research environment that will provide an inspirational training ground for young researchers.

 The focus, structure, and size of the proposed center is such that it sets the stage for scientific ventures that are not feasible within conventional funding from other sources.

Deadline: June 6 2016

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