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The 7th edition to EURAXESS Researchers' Night in Beijing took place on the evening of 10 May 2016. More than seventy researchers and related professionals - of all research fields, ages and nationalities - gathered to the Bridge Café in Beijing's „research headquarters", Haidian, to celebrate Europe Day.

This time, the Researchers' Night took the form of a fun Researchers' Quiz, on the occasion of Europe Day, annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. The overarching theme of the trivia night was European history and Sino-European science collaboration. As always, the event was for all researchers (PhD students, post-docs or senior) of all disciplines (incl. social sciences and humanities) from Europe, China and beyond.

The soiree, open to registered guests only, started with a welcome where researchers got an opportunity to meet new contacts over a drink. Every guest was helped to find a suitable team, with emphasis on mixing researchers from different countries, regions and different experiences together.

Before going into the quiz itself, Halldor Berg Hardarson (EURAXESS China) welcomed everybody and introduced briefly EURAXESS (EU-funded initiative supporting researchers' mobility and collaboration, and the European Research Area - an attractive location for researchers as well as knowledge and innovation to circulate freely.

After introducing the event's partners , ThinkIN China and Understanding Science, Halldor explained the rules of the game. The trivia night itself consisted of 5 rounds (Europe, History, Science, Random trivia and Sino-European Science and Technological Cooperation) of 6 questions each.

The atmosphere during the competition among quizzers' teams was fierce. In the end, the team consisting of 3 Chinese, 1 European, 1 Japanese and 1 American researchers won the competition and - on top of the fame - 2 bottles of French wine and EURAXESS gift bags with it. Three other lucky contestants also won a bottle - all others were invited to enjoy some beers, snacks and refreshments prepared by the amazing staff of Bridge Café, to network with other researchers, and create new contacts in free and relaxed atmoshpere.

Thanks for celebrating Europe Day with us - we're looking forward to the next Researchers' Night!

Partcipiants came from all walks of life

Networking under the flags of Europe

The winning team during the game

People were excited to hear the results

For more pictures from the event visit http://rn-beijing.splashthat.com.


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