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EURAXESS Science Slam 2016


The EURAXESS Science Slam India is a competition open to all career levels researchers starting with MA/M.Sc. candidates (research-based or mixed) - from universities, research institutes or private sector, in all fields of research including Social Sciences and Humanities, Life Sciences and Engineering, of any nationality and age (18+) who are based in India. This competition is part of the 4th EURAXESS Science Slam taking place in ASEAN, Brazil, China and India.

The competition has two stages: (i) the 'Virtual' Pre-selection (online) where candidates will submit a short video in a creative, entertaining and accessible way; and (ii) the 'Live' Finals where the finalists will perform in front of the review panel and a mixed audience who will choose the winner. Registration to be part of the audience will open in October. Stay tuned! Now is time for you to consider becoming the next EURAXESS Science Slammer in India!

The 1st prize this year will be the EURAXESS Science Slammer title and a round trip to Europe to visit Brussels (Belgium) and a research institute of the winner's choice in the European Union in 2017.

Send your video and become one of the 5 finalists to receive a short science communication training on 22 October 2016 in Bengaluru and to compete in the LIVE slam on 18 November 2016 in Hyderabad! Save both dates on your calendar!

Online submission of slam presentations: 2 August - 2 October 2016 I OPEN

How to participate:

Step 1: Get creative and develop an original idea to present your research project to the world: Tap dancing, singing, old-school presentation, scientific equipment - all is allowed (as long as it is decent).

Step 2: Make a 5 minutes max. video of your presentation with your camera phone, digital camera (or equivalent). Make sure the presentation is in English.

Step 3: Send us your video at or upload it via Dropbox and share the link to the video with

Download the flyer here! (COMING SOON)

On YouTube you may also meet the winners 2013 from ASEANChina and India, find a video from Brazil to help you inspire or one on what the Science Slam is about explained by the Science Slam winner 2014 from North America.

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Read the Terms and Conditions to participate in this new edition of the EURAXESS Science Slam India.

Visit SCIENCE SLAM 2015, 2014 and 2013 (top of the page) to meet the EURAXESS Science Slam India 1st prize winners and see what they say about their Science Slam experience. The next picture and testimony could be yours!

Partner and Supporting organisations 2016

The EURAXESS Science Slam India 2016 will be organised in partnership with BITS PilaniNuffic Neso India-Study in Holland and IndiaBioscience, with the support of B.M.Birla Science Centre and Finnair.







EURAXESS Science Slammer India 2015 


"The EURAXESS Science Slam India is a wonderful fun-filled opportunity to communicate your scientific work to the common people. Also, you meet new people, travel to new places, explore new work opportunities and potential future collaborators. It offers a Europe trip to the winner, and I am quite confident that all the winners from around the world enjoy that trip to their fullest." by Souvik Mandal, PhD candidate, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru. As part of his EURAXESS Europe tour, Souvik chose to visit the Research Centre on Animal Cognition - UMR 5169 (CNRS) at Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse in France.

The 3rd live finals of the EURAXESS Science Slam India was organised in partnership with theIndian Institute of Science (IISc) and IndiaBioscience, and with the support of Alliance française Bangalore, Finnair and Philips Innovation Campus at Alliance française in Bengaluru on 30 October 2015. Exceptionally six finalists were invited to battle for the title of EURAXESS Science Slammer India and a trip to Europe to attend a science communication

training and visit a research institute of the winner's choice in the European Union in June 2016. Pictures of the tour can be seen on facebook.


EURAXESS Science Slammer India 2014 


"A very powerful and entertaining way to disseminate scientific knowledge to a broad audience. Fun now has a new definition - Slam your way to Europe!" by Anand Kant Das, PhD candidate, Tata Institue of Fundamental Research (TIFR).The 2nd live finals of the EURAXESS Science Slam India was organised with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) at Café Zoe in Mumbai on 1 November 2014. Five finalists were invited to battle for the title of EURAXESS Science Slammer India and a trip to Europe to attend a science communication training and visit

a research institute of the winner's choice in the European Union in spring 2015.

Watch here his video on the Science Slam.


 EURAXESS Science Slammer India 2013


The first live finals of the EURAXESS Science Slam in India was co-organised with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Pune on 29 September 2013. Four finalists were invited to battle for the first title of EURAXESS Science Slammer India and a trip to Europe to attend a researchers conference. Ms Shraddha Karve, PhD student at IISER Pune won the contest, became India's first EURAXESS Science Slammer and embarked on a trip to Europe. Her slam was called 'Master of all trades is jack of none'. This is what she said: "Thinking about evolution in E. coli in terms of Wolverine and Calvin and Hobbes, rather than error bars and sample sizes, was a pleasant change. Slamming forced me to take a bird's eye view of my own work and provided me with an

opportunity to present that point of view to the international audience. Memorable experience."

Watch here her message on the Science Slam.