Startup Europe’s matchmaking services l ePlus - talent

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Startup Europe's matchmaking services for talent are designed for growing a business to an international level backed by excellent technological advancements across Europe. The services provided via ePlus ecosystem include:

  • "Date-an-entrepreneur" matches researchers working on exploitable scientific results with entrepreneurs to help them take their research results to the market and reap maximum business potential.
  • "Date-a-Researcher" matches researchers with startups and SMEs looking for specific academic skills or scientific knowledge.
  • Advantages and benefits of the Date-a-Researcher matchmaking process:
    • Specialized recruitment for startups (new/graduated students or high qualified researchers that are seeking different/new projects to participate);
    • High visibility to Startups which have enrolled in this process, through StartupEurope and ePlus (We are interested in identifying cross-regional case studies and that will prove to be a great promotional opportunity);
    • Personalized services, including counselling and additional funding lines for the recruitment process;
    • Growth oriented, the Database is international: this allows a European person/researcher who wants to come to work in a startup - be it located in Lisbon, Nice, Baden-Württemberg, or any other European region - to easily find interesting opportunities and, at the same time, enables the Startup to grow in its own culture plurality, among other benefits.

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