The EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk: a new reference for individual researchers, SMEs and research organisations

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The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation launches the "EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk", a new service aimed at supporting EU and Japanese research organizations, companies and individuals in their steps to search for technologies and understand the mechanics of tech transfer transactions, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and the EU.

The service, operational from February 15th, 2016, is supported by a web portal http://www.eu-jp-tthelpdesk.eu which will provide general content about intellectual property rights, technology transfer, and related topics between the EU and Japan.

Webinars, videos, and presentations are intended to make this new service a must-see for implementing open innovation practices within EU and Japanese companies.

The Helpdesk is actively seeking for technologies from EU and Japanese universities and research centers to be freely displayed on the portal. For all those eligible and interested, please click here.

Who can use this service:

+ European companies, universities, and research institutions

+ Japanese companies, universities, and research institutions

+ Japanese and European individuals working for the above entities

Who can post the technologies: EU and Japanese universities and research organizations.

What kind of agreement is necessary: no formal agreement is necessary with the Helpdesk.

The Helpdesk can be contacted through the website and then the technologies will be selected by the tech transfer officer of each institution in collaboration with the Helpdesk. Technologies can be submitted by tech transfer officers of universities, and research institutions that can post publicly the materials online and have such an authority accorded by their institutions.